Happy New Year to all.

I don’t believe in resolution but I do believe in manifestation and affirmations! And this new year I’m not focused on the negative (which resolutions tend to do) I’m focused on how I can top 2017!

Seventeen things I learned in 2017

Another person’s success is not your failure

The company you keep can make you or break you.

Your are NEVER too young or too old to have your dreams come true.

You create your own happiness NOT the people around you or your situations.

Feelings are fickle, so don’t make decisions based on how you feel.

If it is meant to be NOTHING and NO ONE will stand in your way.

The best way to get over fear is to do what you’re fearful of.

You can NEVER make anyone happy. So stop trying so hard.


The past only holds you back.

We learn better through our own mistakes.

Stop trying to look good for other people bc they are too busy trying to look good themselves.

Make sure you eat before you take all those shots (learned the very hard way).

Everyone’s journey is their own and different.

Death is inevitable.

It’s okay to be alone.

Sometimes you DO choose your family!

Thank you for reading.

Hope this year is filled wit Love Joy Peace and Happiness!

This post is not sponsored. All the ideas and opinions are owned by voguefro. All the pictures are owned and taken by voguefro.

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