2018 is HERE!!

I wanted to start it out by doing something I always do, a vision board. I am sharing with you guys how I put together my vision board and why I prefer it to a resolution.

(This post includes print out worksheets and The Vision Board Ebook).

So let’s be real, NO ONE sticks to their resolution. It’s like a list that is created to fall apart. The reason why is because we create an impossible materialistic list of nonsense. Think about it, you’ve been writing down every year for five years that you want to lose weight. And have you? No! The reason why is simple, you don’t have a game plan. And you are not visualizing what you want.

The thing about a vision board is that it is a visualization of what you want. something that has color and words jumping out at you and PICTURES!

It is a proven fact that we as people are visual especially the generations after the baby boomers. So why not put everything you want for yourself and life visually on paper?

I do believe that vision boards work. I mean so many of what I have wanted has manifested into life. I love looking at my vision board and checking everything that has come to life.

Let’s get started. Here is what you need for your vision board in 2018:

  • a list of everything you want to accomplish in 2018
  • markers, pens, pencils, crayons, paint
  • a board or cork board
  • scissors, cutting board, raisers
  • magazines, printouts
  • thesaurus, dictionary,
  • pictures (of you, your family, your friends)

A list of everything you want to accomplish in 2018

Here’s the thing, we all have a list of what we want to accomplish every year. But we miss certain things like: the steps it will take to get there, being specific and realistic. so here are some helpfully tips on how to make a bullet proof list that can come true.

  1. Break it down by categories. For an example : things you want to accomplish in your career. Things you want to accomplish in your social life. etc.
  2. Is it realistic enough to accomplish in 1 year? That is very important because it is okay to break down what you want throughout two years or more. “Rome wasn’t built in day”
  3. Create a game plan. You can’t just say you want to lose weight. You have to be more specific. How will you lose weight? Are you going to change your diet, maybe join the gym? Get a trainer? Create a game plan.
  4. Believe in what you are writing. Many people create a list and they do not even believe in what they are writing down. They have their doubts about it. If you are doubting it then do not write it down.
  5. Take everything that went wrong in the previous year and think about how you can learn from it.

Have a picture(s) of yourself, friends, family:

You can choose to add your friends and/or family to you vision board. But you should have that one picture of you that you felt the most confidence and beautiful in. that is your main focus. If you don’t like this idea, I get you. I thought it was stupid at first until I realized, this is a visualization of what you want. I don’t know about you but I want to feel beautiful and confident every day, so every time I look at that picture it starts my day off right.

Take some of the most memorable times in you life that you have captured and add that to your vision board as well. This will remind you to have fun!

Thesaurus and Dictionary

I added these two because I think it is important that you know the definition of the words as well as different words that you can use for your vision board. instead of saying the basic kindergarten words. Get out of your word bubble and expand your vocabulary.

Things that I focus on:

  • Travel
  • Health
  • Career
  • Fro (Hair)
  • Vogue (Style)
  • Person Life
  • Relationship
  • Philanthropy
  • Business
  • Spiritual
  • Materialistic (didn’t focus on it this year, I’m content)


If you want to travel in 2018, start off by picking all the places you want to travel to in the year.

Here’s my list:

  • England
  • France
  • New Orleans
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Brooklyn

(In that order!)

After you list all the place you want to go you have to then pick a date. I love to be specific about the things I put on my vision board because if you wish for it you’ll get it, but the more specific you get the chances of you getting exactly what you want.

As you can see on my list are places outside and within the US.

You then have to think about what could prevent you from traveling to these places. Like, renewing passport, getting a state ID, etc. You have to make sure that those things are on your vision board as well.

  • England – June – three weeks
  • France – June – while I am in England
  • New Orleans – July – Essence festival
  • South Carolina – August – Visiting my parents
  • Georgia – August – while I am visiting my parents
  • Florida – August – While I am visiting my parents
  • Brooklyn – August – Afro Punk

You can have pictures of the state/country, flag, landscape, or iconic buildings.


I am not really into losing weight for 2018, I just want to be healthy. Eat right, learn how to cook new meals, and workout.

Depending on what it is you want your pictures can reflect that.


This year I would like a raise, so I added that specific amount of raise that I wanted on my vision board.

If you are looking for a new job, or an internship, you want to make sure you specifically pick a company or a position to put on your vision board.

Fro (Hair)

My goal in 2018 is to:

  • have healthy hair
  • have it grow strong
  • take more care of it
  • nurture my curl pattern

Vogue (Style)

I want to become more minimalistic. So in 2018 I want to have a capsule wardrobe for each season.

I also want a more simplistic style with a retro vibe.

Something like this: (yes this is on my vision board)

Person Life

These things are personal goals like:

  • Finances
  • Getting rid of debt
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Dedicating time with children/significant other/ or family

My goal is to call the people I love and care about more. Like my grandma.


This is directed towards my friendships and family relationships.

Traveling with them, or having activities that incorporate them so that we strengthen our relationships.


There are many organizations I would LOVE to work with in 2018.

I want to volunteer more and become an activist for so many things that I am passionate about.


I want to grow my businesses this year, 1000%.

So on my vision board I want more consistency and a game plan, and that is what I will be working on.


I want to grow my spiritual relation. Become more of an energy person. Letting go of those that have a bad aura and surround myself with people I aspire to be.


This is everything that you want but do not need. For an example, the new iMac or Gucci sneakers.

This is the opportunity to put up pictures of what you want.

You are allowed to separate you vision board by categories, months, or not separate it at all.

Thank you for reading. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Print out the Vision Board WorkSheet that’ll help you put your vision board together.

The Vision Board WorkSheet

Print out the Vision Board Ebook (includes worksheets)

The Vision Board Ebook

This post is not sponsored. All the ideas and opinions are owned by voguefro. All the pictures are owned and taken by voguefro.


  1. Christiana N Elliott
    January 7, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    This is really educated keep up the good work love it.

  2. Bolu
    January 12, 2018 / 12:11 am

    Really clear and concise. Step by step detail is amazing ! I can’t to make my vision board.

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