The 7 Lessons to Live By

  • Start Thy Purse to Fattening

Save 10% of ALL your earnings. Every paycheck you receive you should take at least 10% from it for your saving account.

  • Control Thy Expenditures

Live within your means. Do not try to spend money you do not have.

  • Guard Thy Treasure From Loss

Know your risk. Do not make blind investments.

  • Make Thy Gold Multiply

Make your money make you money. Invest money or have a savings account that collects interest.

  • Make of Thy Dwelling a Profitable Investment

Do not throw away your money on rent. Invest in a home.

  • Insure a Future Income

Plan for retirement and beyond.

  • Increase Thy Ability to Earn 

Make yourself eligible for promotions. Continue educating yourself in your field or passion.


This Post Was Inspired By The Book “The Richest Man in Babylon” 

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