Why treating your neighbors how you want to be treated doesn’t work!

We’ve all heard the saying since we were children, “treat your neighbor how you wanted to be treated”. Well here’s why I think that doesn’t cut it.
Everyone has their way that they want to be loved, like the 7 love languages. If you want tough love someone else might not function with that kind of love.  Not everyone is made like you. We are all different and unique with different understandings; as well as different cultures, methods and parents. We are not all raised alike so why should we love each other alike.
There are so many methods to it.
So how are we supposed to treat our neighbors?
With respect. Respect is the biggest love there is. If you can respect someone’s differences, culture, religion, and beliefs then you are loving them as you would in any other way.
And would you want to be respect as a human being with beliefs of your own?
So stop trying to treat people how u want to be treated and just respect everyone in their own right.

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  1. April 8, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    couldn’t agree more!! respect is always key. we would half the problems in the world we have now if we all operated with respect!

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