Hello Readers!!

Today I will be talking about my experience with Blue Apron (This is NOT sponsored, I was just curious).

I subscribed to Blue Apron recently through Groupon (the most amazing website ever! DISCOUNT!)

One of the recipe was a Masala-Spiced Chicken with Kale & Lime Rice.

Now before we get into the cooking and my experience, here is what you need to know about me when it comes to cooking.

First of all I am the worst at following recipes, I hate them. I always enjoy putting a twist on my meals. I also do not measure, I kind of just eyeball things. But I decided to go against my stubbornness/laziness and follow these recipes.

Now if you have never heard of Blue Apron it is a food subscription. Every week you get a package with three recipes and all, almost all, the ingredients you need to make the meal.

There are six steps in completing this meal, which is great for someone who is tight on time. The prep time is 10 min and the cook time is about 30 min. Everything is already portioned out so it makes measuring a breeze because you do not have to do any; yes that makes me happy.

I started by prepped three cloves of garlic, the kale, and I cut up the lemon. The recipe does not say you should wash the chicken, but I did anyways.


  • I put my rice to cook (I measured the water believe it or not, but I did end up adding more water). I also added lemon to the rice.
  • While my rice was cooking I added oil to my pot and started cooking my kale and garlic with seasoning.
  • After that, using the same pot, I cooked my chicken. the recipe says to cook the chicken for 3/4 minuets on each side, I did more of 5 minuets. I love my chicken crispy.
  • Using the same pot again (less dishes to wash!!) I cooked the tomato sauce. (I absolutely HATE canned food! but I wanted to follow the recipe to a tea so I used the canned tomato). I cooked the tomato sauce with garlic and ginger, I also added some seasoning including the Masala spice blend.
  • Lastly I added the chicken and butter to the tomato sauce and VOILA I was done.
  • BY THE WAY, I checked on the rice very very frequently.

In conclusion:

Blue Apron is not too bad. And I LOVED my meal!! It was delicious.

I hope you try this meal…

Happy Eating!!


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