Today, February 18, 2017, I had a nine o’clock appointment to get semi permanent individual lashes. I did not go to bed early the night before and stayed up until two in the morning. I wasn’t stressed or worried about my appointment in seven hours or anything, I was watching I Love Lucy. So you can imagine when I got up in the morning to get ready for my appointment I was, yes you guessed it, exhausted. No one wants puffy eyes the day of their eyelash appointment. Lesson learned!

By the way this is not a paid post and all of the opinions are my own.

Now here is a little back story on my eyelash struggle.

I was born with really curly eyelashes, they are also very short. This runs on my dad’s side of the family. I’ve never really thought much of it until I started wearing make up and realized I cannot wear mascara. My eyelashes were too curled. Some people have said how lucky I am to not have to curl my lashes while I’ve realized that I will never experience mascara or falsies EVER!

I decided at about 18 or 19 years old that I will get individual lashes. I knew that the expense would be about $100 an eye, so $200 together. I did a little bit of research and I thought it would be great.

But it was not until I got a real job with benefits that I really thought, “let’s do this!”

So I embarked in some intensive research. Where can I do my lashes in Jersey that will be gentle and very informative as well?

It was when I stopped researching that I stumbled upon this place, Amazing Lash Studio. I will never forget; I was watching a youtube video and the commercial (you know those ads) popped up and I DID NOT “skip”. I wrote down their name and did some research.

Before I really talk about the whole eyelash situation, let me just tell you about the amazing service I recieved before my appointment. They called to confirm my appointment a week in advance, they sent an email about 32 hours before my appointment to make sure I was still coming, and they sent a text. Talk about reminders.

Now let’s fast forward to February 18th.

I was five minutes late to my appointment, I mean it’s either I’m early or late, never on time. I walked in washed my face with their special soap to get rid of any oils that I might have around my eye area. This is important because they tape down your face.

After that I filled out some paper work and made sure I was not allergic to any products they were using.

My eyelash expert’s name is Jennifer, she’s really nice and gentle. (I say all of this in present tense because I will be going to her for all my refills and anything else I might need). She went over styles and questions with me. I chose a natural look because this is my first time, did not want to be too dramatic. I asked her if my curled lashes are even good enough for extensions and she said they will be fine.

Initially I was suppose to be there for three hours, from 9am to 12pm. I was out of there by 10:55am (SCORE).

I had to lay down on a bed that seemed like a massage bed. The room was cold with soft instrumental music playing. Jennifer offered me a blanket and I took it, it was not even a thought.

The hardest thing about my whole experience was when it came to taping down my eyes. She first taped down my bottom lashes, this made me tear up. Then she taped up, yes up, my eyelids. So I was basically fighting to keep my lids down.

While she was working on my left eye she told me that I had a bald spot. A BALD SPOT! It’s interesting because it really is not noticeable now that I have semi permanent lashes.

The experience was really calming, as if i were in a spa.

When I was done Jen took photos, which I did not mind at all. They looked so good guys! I’m actually obsessed. I bought their face wash because I loved using it and it was 20 bucks before my discount.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • You cannot let your eyelashes contact water within 48 hours (this includes sweat and tears).
  • You cannot touch or rub your eyes within 48 hours.
  • You cannot sleep on your side or stomach, this increases shedding.
  • You must also brush your eyelashes twice a day everyday AFTER the 48 hours. When brushing start from the middle, DO NOT start from the root or your eyelashes, real and false, will come off.
  • And ONLY use water based products. No oil based products or your lashes will come off.
  • When washing your face or removing make up DO NOT rub, or your lashes, real and false, will come off.

Many of you may ask why I didn’t just go anywhere to do my lashes and the answer to that is very simple. My lashes, as you can tell by my left eye bald spot, are very sensitive. I wanted to go to a place that would be very kind to them.

I will be updating you guys on my experience.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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