On Memorial Day I decided to be a little adventurous and try a new hairstyle.

This hair inspo came from Jascmeen: you can check her out on instagram @jascmeen and her blog .


My mother, who is a hairstylist, braided my hair. To make sure that the hairstyle was extra dramatic, I love drama in art, I made sure my braids came down to my knees; well almost. I also used different sized safety pins, I wanted to make sure that the ends of my hair were also pinned.

I used over 100 pins and went to four stores to find them all.


While at the beach many, and when I say many I mean A LOT, of people kept staring at me. Some people said they loved it and that it was different. This one guy, while I was on line to get a funnel cake, moved out of line just to stand next to me and stare at me. Yes, I felt very, very awkward and a little violated (is this how celebrities feel when paps stalk them?).

Let me know if you guys LOVE this look, or if it’s just a little to bold for you.


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