summer hair cut

This summer, summer of 2016, I decided to cut my hair!

Now if you know me this is a shocker but also not surprising because I am very spontaneous (yes, I know I am a contradiction). I never EVER would think I would cut my hair, I have always been very cautious about my hair, and always played it safe.


My experience was amazing! So in this post I will tell you guys how this happened and what I learned.

It was a Thursday evening on March 31st that I decided to find a barbershop to cut my hair. In the first barber shop I felt they would NOT be able to execute the hair style I wanted, so I skedaddled out of there quick. The second parlor I went to was the one (usually it’s “third time the charm” right? Not in this case). The place was clean and cultured. Oh, and opened late, very important.


I showed the barber the picture and he did a fabulous job! It was an interesting experience honestly. When I got home my friend Winston, who is on base, facetimed me and I explained how my head was itching and he told me to put oil and some rubbing alcohol on it. He then stressed that I should NOT itch it. That was a little, well maybe more than a little, difficult.

Over all it has been fun finding styles that I can do with my tapered cut. I maintained the cut for six months. Now that fall is here and winter is coming, I rather let it grow out for some warmth.




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